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Our READY-AIM-INVENT 3-Pronged Success Formula helps Enlighten, Educate and Empower you to Efficiently Engage in and utilize cost Effective actions and resources that help you build a solid foundation to realize your Full Invention Potential from Concept to Market.

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Prepare yourself to Be the Key and the Cause of your desired success with the right attitude, thoughts, and goals thus paving your path in the most effective direction toward your Invention Goals.


Position yourself by Doing purposeful actions to identify, acquire and utilize skills, abilities and resources thus building a solid Invention Action Plan.


Act on all available resources to align you on your entrepreneurial path to achieve your full Invention Potential from Concept to Market.


Get your Invention Idea from Mind to Market, save years of anxiety with the HOW! I have coached hundreds of aspiring inventors to get their idea from their mind to the marketplace! This may be your first step toward reaching your full invention potential! By having me as your co-pilot, you will evolve onward and upward on your invention journey!


Coaching – Engineering/Design – Prototyping – Patent Resources - Manufacturing – Packaging - Fulfillment


From synthesizing, fine tuning, reframing your existing resources to identifying the most effective resources, we help guide you to reach your full Invention Potential from Concept to Market.


We provide Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Finite Element Analysis. Reverse Engineering, Value Engineering, and Design for Manufacturability using Solid Works 3D CAD.


Ideal parts for pre-production part form, fit and functionality verification, trade show, funding, patent and marketing samples, secondary tooling models and low volume production parts.


We work with a number of seasoned attorneys with decades of experience protecting new product ideas via provisional, non provisional, utility, design, plant and international patents.


Our engineering, quality and manufacturing teams work together in every stage of the production process from professional planning and design, fabrication, packaging and order fulfillment of your final product.


We provide custom packaging design and fabrication solutions working from your existing designs to assist with print/packaging prototype and production support.


We provide full service warehousing, distribution, and fulfillment services with flexible capacity to fit any project size at competitive pricing to fit your order fulfillment requirements.


We offer custom sales and marketing support to fit your product specific sales needs from trade shows, presentations to potential buyers, distributors and retailers across the United States and Canada.

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Synergistic Services

Research Web Design

Branding Public Relations


Dennis G. Shaver, Partner

Design through Manufacturing

Dennis brings extensive new product development expertise to Idea Innovators based his unique career opportunities in both design and new product manufacturing operations for a variety of industries including; medical technology, consumer products, automotive, household products, aerospace, agricultural, electronics, and communications industries.

Starting his career over 30 years ago with General Motors, Dennis worked in the GM Product Development & Manufacturing divisions including, Heavy Duty and Light Duty Trucks, Fleet & Military DFM Divisions. Dennis was also a key member of the new division start-up of the General Motors Saturn Automotive Corporation. He also held key new product development management positions with A.O. Smith Automotive Corporation, PepsiCo, and The Clorox Company.

Dennis was VP/Partner of Rapid Prototyping Corporation a new product prototyping company and teamed up to grow it to very successful and profitable seven figure company and eventually sold it within the first few years of operation. Dennis also founded and grew several successful new product development firms one of which Dennis then founded Parts on Demand as President/CEO. Parts on Demand provides clients turnkey design-thru-manufacturing services for both domestic and international businesses with a special focus on reducing time-to-market at any stage of the new product development life cycle.

Over the years Dennis has yearned for making a more profound everlasting and positive impact in stimulating our economy via grass roots innovation efforts. Dennis has found his true passion and career sweet spot in enlightening and empowering idea innovators to realize their full invention potential no matter what their past challenges were or current situation is. As such, Dennis founded Product on Demand. Product on Demand is dedicated to assisting idea innovators with the sole purpose of providing concept-to-market product development services including; Coaching, Engineering/Design, Prototyping, Patent Support, Manufacturing, Packaging, Fulfillment and Marketing services.

Dennis holds dual bachelor degrees in Business Management and Administration from Ferris State University along with graduate work in Business with Central Michigan University.

Matt Bartels, Partner

Sales & Marketing

Matt brings over 20 years of progressive experience focused on Sales, Marketing, and New product to market introductions. Most recently he had worked with PepsiCo as a manufacturer’s representative in Sales and Market Development. Products included; Frito Lay, Gatorade, Quaker Oats, Tropicana, Stacy’s, IZZE, and Naked Juice. He was responsible for implementing sales, marketing, and growth strategies with distributors, their sales teams, and managers.

This required excellent communication skills as he worked with up to 180 sales representatives annually. Matt helped grow distribution and account development. This included working with individual sales representatives, sales teams, category managers, and business development teams.

Matt was responsible for business in excess of 6 to 7 Million dollars in sales annually. Matt delivered consistent year to year growth, and amongst his peers around the nation and over a ten year period, Matt finished each year consecutively in the top 3 as a proven high level producer. His efforts helped contribute to regional sales goals in excess of 50 to 70 Million dollars annually.

In addition to sales and distribution, Matt has also has experience calling on local, regional, as well as National Account clients, managing up to 400 to 500 accounts annually. Segments of client accounts that he has experience with include: Business & Industry, Healthcare, Education, Hotels, Recreation & Amusement, Travel & Leisure, Service providers, Independent & Commercial operators. He attributes some of these varied influences to give him the ability to adapt to and work through challenging situations.

As a self-described, “MacGyver of sorts” his ability to help others see, and understand things in a different light, really drives his passion, to help others make their ideas work! Matt was originally from a small farming community, Tecumseh, Nebraska. He attributes his innovation and creative spirit on the varied careers and interest he had been involved with over the years. He completed his B.S. at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

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