Empower Your Potential part II

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“If it is to be, it’s really up to me.” ~Dennis G. Shaver As a coach and advocate for people living up to their potential, and beyond, I’ve heard so many people say: I know my potential – I feel it, Dennis! – and yet, I can’t seem to empower myself beyond my current circumstances. […]

Empower Your Potential

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“Your potential is ready when you are.” ~Dennis G. Shaver Potential is, sadly, too often misunderstood. It is not a gift bestowed on some of us, and not others; nor is it a secret treasure we locate, if we’re lucky, along the path of life. Potential is innate and already exists inside of each one […]

Direction Exceeds Speed

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“Direction exceeds speed.” ~Dennis G. Shaver Have you ever been so excited to tell someone about a great idea that you sit on the edge of the seat? You’re not alone! The front of the seats in my office is more worn than the backs. A large percentage of new inventors I’ve met are so […]

Stuck in the Muck? Get Unstuck!

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“Your opportunity to grow not only helps you, it helps the world.” ~Dennis G. Shaver The path towards manifesting our Big Idea to become a successful entrepreneur is never completely smooth. Just ask the Wright brothers or Steve Jobs or Benjamin Franklin. So, instead of fretting that we ran into a pothole, slipped, and are […]

Uncover Your Potential in Four Steps

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“If it is to be in this lifetime, it’s really up to me.” ~Dennis G. Shaver Over the years, clients have relayed to me countless stories of trying to achieve something great in their life and yet, for some reason they don’t understand, it just didn’t work – so they gave up! Or, on the […]